Monday, April 11, 2016

Make Way For Ducklings by Robert McCloskey

*The day after writing this, my friend sent me a link to an NPR article about this book celebrating it's 75th anniversary! I feel immensely clever for writing about it the day before NPR. Robert McCloskey was totally cool and fascinating. Go read the article here.*

 In the seven decades since it was first published, I doubt this book has ever been out of publication. It is charming, and sweet, and timeless. This book pretty much speaks for itself. But I will go ahead and prattle on about it, because otherwise, I am out of a job here! 

And please admire my little duck pull toy. I got it for 50 cents at a thrift store, not noticing that the mama duck was missing her beak. That is why she is shyly hiding her face in the book in every picture. 

Isn't that a perfectly adorable duck? McCloskey illustrations are marvelous. 

Mr and Mrs Duck flying over Boston looking for a likely place to raise children. 

Mr. Duck trying out the fishing in each spot.

Living near the Swan boat seems like a smart thing to do. Free food!

....but there are annoying, heedless kids around the swan boat. 

Checking out Boston landmarks--Louisburg Square

State House and Beacon Hill

They finally settle on a quiet little island with a conveniently located peanut dispensing policeman just a quick swim away.

Mama and her eggs

I love this picture of Papa and an admiring duckling

Teaching them to swim

Teaching them to walk in a straight line. 

Finally they are ready to go meet Mr. Duck who has selfishly decided to take a wee vacation to scout out the rest of the river. Some fathers! Sheesh. 

Mama Duck tries to reason with these large honking machines about the time and space this many ducklings need to cross the road safely, but they are unreasonable. 

Policeman Mike hurries over to sort things out. 

I love Mama Duck's haughty "So there" face to the cars that refused to listen to her about how to behave. 

Window shopping on the way to the Public Gardens.

Policeman Mike calls ahead and alerts several other contingents of policemen to get them safely to the public gardens. 

Ah! Now this is more like it. 

Turning around the graciously thank the policemen. 

And meeting up with Papa. 

I hope that guy realizes how lucky he is to have a wife like Mrs. Duck!


  1. Have you seen the statues in Boston's Public Gardens? So cute and adorable and the park is very similar to how the book portrays it!

    1. I haven't been to the Boston Public Gardens, so I haven't seen the statues! I followed the NPR link you sent me to look at them though. I was wondering what to do on our spring break-- maybe a trip to Boston is in order!