Wednesday, April 13, 2016

1 in One by Tasha Tudor

Daffodils and Tasha Tudor in the evening light. Happy sigh!

Somehow, I am not a talented enough photographer to make this seemingly fool-proof combination look as spectacular as it should have. Annoyed sigh. 

Tasha Tudor is not a slacker. Her title pages are as elaborate as her story pages. 

My book is from Mineola, TX apparently. I love buying books from Betterworldbooks. They are almost always ex-library books, so fit very cosily into our library book sale books and they come from all over America and Canada. It makes me feel very well traveled. 

(Heaven help us if we ever loose an actual, needs-to-be-returned library book. It looks like all the rest of them.) 

Sweet bird and roses!

Ducks and daffodils!

Fiddleheaded ferns and wee violets

I love her floral borders. Just like in A is for Annabelle, Tudor has made an exquisite book out of a fairly mundane subject matter. 

I don't think there is anything more charmingly springy and old fashioned than girls dancing in a ring with baskets of flowers and floral wreathes on their head.

A mouse! With a fiddle head fern fiddle! Teaching 12 little birds to sing! 

Squeak! I can hardly bear the charmingness. 

As a little girl, I was always sure that figuring out how to make fresh flower wreaths would open any and every door to me in life. It seemed terribly important. 

Despite a college degree, I am still clueless about fresh flower head wreaths. Higher education in America has failed yet again. 

I wish Tasha Tudor could color this for me. But I love it in black and white. 

Sibling or cousins loving each other while stargazing. I love the imaginary world Tasha Tudor inhabited. 

Ha! I love my siblings, but I am pretty sure my little brothers would never have sat still to let me cuddle them and point out constellations. Imagining I actually sat still long enough to learn constellations.

Must learn constellations.

Seriously, Tasha Tudor is teaching me all the life skills I lack. 

I wish I was the kind of person who could look at this picture and not think "Oh Jane, why did you have to get the paint on the floor?" 

Tasha Tudor had her priorities straight. Who cares about a little paint here and there if kids are being artistic?

(Me. I care. A little. Sorry.)

Oh geese. Somehow, geese always seem much more connected to fall than spring. I think they fly higher in the spring, hurrying to get to those nesting/molting places. In the fall, they are all curiosity and lackadaisical. 

Aren't you happier after all that? It is impossible for me to read a Tasha Tudor and not feel happier for it. 

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