Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mr. Postmouse's Rounds by Marianne Dubuc

My kids adore this book. Really truly. When I got it from the library again this week, Elsie and Gilbert had a fight over who got to read it first. 

Mr. Postmouse and his wagon full of deliveries.

First delivery to Mr. Bear. Who happens to be eating porridge with Goldilocks. 

One of the reasons we love this book is all the things to look at on each page. Clever little picture puns, fairytale references, and delightful details. 

I love Mr. Bear's honey collection system, his teacups his extra bed linens, and his Aunt Ursula. Get it? Ursula, somehow, someway is connected to bears. I mean, Ursa Major. 

The Rabbit family's house and the beginning of Mr. Snake's house, which is several pages long. 

Surprisingly, the kids love the pooping bunny reading a book. 

The continuation of Mr. Snake's house. And those birds! The thieving magpie, swinging canary, and traveling pigeon. 

For some reason, I find Mr. Squirrel's socks hilarious.  

Mr. Mole. the kids particularly like the ant at the bottom left who is lost and clearly meant to be on the next page. 

The smiling anthill. 

Mrs. Turtle.

The Croc's humid house.

The poop house. Hi-larious to my kids. 

The Big Bad Wolf. Being secretly burgled by the nefarious three pigs. And do you see Little Red Riding Hood peeping around a tree up there?

The Penguin's house.

The kids favorite part of the entire book is the little penguin stuck upside down in the snow. (Over to the right there.) Too, too funny. My fingers walk up the penguins house and then go ka-bam into the snow and they dissolve into helpless giggles. We do this about 15 times. Until I finally refuse to do it again.  

The skunk's smelly package and the chicken's worrying package.

And finally, home at last! Mr. Postmouse has an adorable house. 

I pretty much gave you the entire story right there. But I purposely deleted some pages, just so you would find something new if you decided to ever read this book. (Which you should. It is even more charming in person.) It is so hard to not show you all the delightful bits....

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