Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman

Oh, this book! I love it. Really truly, I do. When my terribly nice mother-in-law sent me an Amazon gift card for my birthday, this book was the first to land in my cart. Or to be moved from the Saved for later part. 

(Do you use the Saved for later part? I have never really mastered the whole wishlist thing, and use the Saved for later as a list for everything that has ever struck my fancy. There are currently 585 items saved for later in my cart. I wonder if Amazon is starting to wonder if later ever comes.)

Strictly speaking, this isn't a children's book. But when you come down to it, "children's book" is a rather loose, fluid descriptor. Any kid in the 8 and older range that has an interest in nature will love this book. It is not an indepth reference book--it is more of a quick, delightful tour through the world we know and love. While there are some difficult scientific words, the writing is simplistic and straightforward, making this a lovely introduction to the world of biology. 

I love Julia Rothman. She has a quirky, elegantly simplistic style of illustrating that makes each page frame worthy. I want to create fabric from some of her pages. I want to wallpaper a wall with her bird themed endpapers. 

Knowing I own this book makes me 32% happier on a daily basis. 

Or something like that.  

The table of contents

See? Quick, little blurbs and definitions. Fabulous for piquing curiosity!


Sorry. I feel strongly about Julia Rothman.

Wildflowers! Love!


Colorful moths


The wide variety of grasses is one of the main reasons I decided on doing a biology degree in college. In one tiny little section of pastureland, there can be hundreds of different varieties of grasses and plants. Completely fascinating to me. 

Oh happiness!

As annoying as they are, I do love beavers.

Who wouldn't love a wall covered in this print? 

I would adore a bird/nest/egg/feather wall in my house.  

The different feathers of a bird. How totally cool is that?

Isn't it lovely? That was a really quick tour of this book. There are about 200 more pages for you to peruse at your leisure. Do yourself a favor, and peruse them. 

I love this book!

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