Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Everywhere Babies by Susan Meyers & Illustrated by Marla Frazee

This book is fabulously precious! We have a smaller copy of this book and Elsie carried it everywhere with her for a few weeks. It was the book. Then it was replaced by who knows what other little book--Elsie is my little book child. 

This book is just chock-a-block full of babies. Babies of all types and description. They all seem to be fairly American babies, surrounded by all the trappings of modern American babyhood, but there is a fair bit of diversity. 

Aren't they sweet? All these different babies.

I really like this illustrator. Although I love the words, I don't think I would love this book as much if the illustrations weren't just so. 

As it is, the illustrations are just so. Aren't these babies squishy and snuggly looking?

Love-ed babies. Safe, secure, and adored.

The book goes through all the day to day events in the life of a baby.


I love the sleeping mother nursing with a book and a rocking chair. Nursing is the best thing for readers. I read more books while nursing than I ever have before or after. 

Viewing the world

Making noise! 
Oh the delight! And trepidation...

Playing games

Making friends. 

I love, love all the little, individual pictures.

Crawling babies on bright colored mats.

Oh how perfectly sweet! 

Babies are growing

And growing means birthdays!

Every day, everywhere, babies are loved--
for trying so hard,
for traveling so far,
for being so wonderful....

...just as they are!

We love babies. A lot. This book was written to celebrate the author's first grandchild and the love and joy she felt about that grandchild is palpable in this book.  

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