Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Becky's Birthday by Tasha Tudor

I know, I know. I am a little obsessed with Tasha Tudor. But why should I stop obsessing when her books and illustrations are so marvelously delightful?

This is the non-dust jacketed cover. it isn't very exciting really. 

Becky is turning 10. All day long, delightful things are happening. 

Some birthday spankings from her brothers

Breakfast together after Father comes in from the milking.

Before Becky was up, everyone picked a tiny bouquet for her and put it around her breakfast plate. Now she must guess who gave her each bouquet. Her brother gives her a thistle. (I think we should start this. Any tradition that involves you getting five bouquets is a really good tradition. Even if one involves thistles.)

Her parents being proud of her being able to braid her own hair, a secret she had been practicing for weeks.

Since she is 10 now, she is allowed to go into town with father and do the shopping. 

She feels terribly grown up.

Proud little Becky showing Mother how well she did the shopping.

Husking corn for lunch. 

Her birthday bouquet for her mother.

The farmhouse. 

Licking the ice cream beater with Ned.

Putting a paper doily around her bouquet.

At long last, it is time to walk down to the river with mother for her birthday picnic. 

One of their party games involves shooting arrows through a wreath of flowers. An improvement on pin the tail on the donkey, I guess.

The picnic was lovely, The table was covered in ferns and leaves and flowers with a little carved bird at each place for a party favor.

Oh the magic! The children all noticed a glow by the river and run over to see the cake floating down river on its own little barge, surrounded by smaller floating islands of flowers and candlelight. 

Isn't that lovely? A bit foolhardy, but lovely.

Cow interrupted the party, so her brother decided to do a little bull fighting for entertainment.

And then, it was time to go home. A parade of candles meandered through the woods.

Isn't that deliciously charming? I think so. I have my own little birthday 10 year old today. Unfortunately she will not get a floating cake, but she is still pretty pleased with life! 

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