Friday, June 3, 2016

Is your Mama a Llama? by Deborah Guarino & illus by Steven Kellogg

This is a cute, sort of fluff book. My kids enjoy it, but it has never been a read-it-19-times-in-a-row favorite. I enjoy reading it for the rhythm and dramatic fill-in-the-blank pauses at the end of each stanza, but it doesn't fill me with delight--not a must-tell-everyone-about-this-book-now sort of book. 

But with pictures by Steven Kellogg, basic rhyming structure, animal facts, and lots of baby animals, it is a pretty good book. It deserves a place in a toddler's library.

I love buttercups!

A little Llama name Lloyd goes around asking all his animal friends if their Mama is a llama. The animals respond in rhyme and tell a little about their mother. Then Lloyd guesses what their mama is. 

At the end of each animal response, there is a pause while you turn the page. Kids like fill in the blank pauses.

I like Steven Kellogg's illustrations. All those cute little babies with their Mamas.


The animal combinations have me wondering where exactly Lloyd lives. Kangaroos, llamas, cows, swans, seals, bats...

And finally, Lloyd asks his friend Llyn if her Mama is a llama. And Llyn says "Don't be silly." Our Mama's belong to the same herd.

And as the sun is setting, Llyod and Llyn (I love their double l's) run to their mothers... snuggle down for the night. 

Cuddling Llamas!

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