Thursday, June 16, 2016

We Help Daddy by Mini Stein & illus by Eloise Wilkin

Another day, another Eloise Wilkin book. I am sorry! But really, Father's Day is coming up. How could I help but think of this book?

If you are the kind of person who likes your books to be gender neutral, save yourself some mental anguish and find yourself another book. Pretty much skip over most mid-century books. 

On the other hand, if you are fine with 1950's gender roles and you like adorable pictures, make sure you pick up this book. 


This story is about Daddy doing odd jobs around the house with Benjy and Sue for helpers. Seriously, this guy knocks out a serious to do list. I sort of envy him his Saturday accomplishments.

Elsie loves this little girl looking at a snail. 
(WOAH. There was a girl looking at a snail in Tuesday's post. Clearly Eloise Wilkin had a thing about watching snails.)

I love her little pigtails. 

Her watering can gets me every time. SO CUTE!

Just in case you didn't appreciate it enough in the first picture.

Bathing the dog with a pipe in his mouth. Talented!

I want a kitchen garden like this. In case anyone is giving one away...

Really, I can't help it. I like the idea of my husband getting a to do list done on a Saturday while I do marvelous things in the kitchen. 



Polishing the car

Finally, at long last, Mother calls that dinner is ready. 

Now then, let us review. 
Father fixed the attic door,
 weeded the garden, 
watered the garden, 
trimmed the hedge, 
gave the dog a bath, 
painted the kitchen garden fence, 
hung a picture, 
built a birdhouse, 
gathered logs for the fire, 
washed and polished the car, 
and mended the handle on Benjy's dresser. 
All while patiently allowing his kids to help and nurturing their father, child relationship.  

Clearly 1950 superheros came to hang out in Eloise Wilkin books when they weren't busy with their Marvel comic work. 

I love this picture!

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