Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Milkman by Carol Foskett Cordsen & illus by Douglas B. Jones

One day, while poking around a bookstore in Denver, CO I saw this book written by a local author. I fell in love with the faux vintage illustrations and the rhyming/choppy phrases, but since we were living in a rental condo in Steamboat and had no kids, I couldn't justify buying it. Several years later I saw it at our local library and remembered how much I liked it. 

And now I own a copy. Because I am like that. MUST OWN ALL GOOD BOOKS

Mr. Plimpton is out of bed and going through his morning routine.

Loud alarm clock. Snoring stops.
Mr. Plimpton our of bed

Cream in coffee. Egg on bread. 
Milkman jacket. Milkman hat.

Cranky pickup. Cranky cat. 

Driving in to work.

And then I got distracted by the brown eyed susans in the sunlight. I love brown eyed susans. 

The dairy where he picks up his truck.

And out he goes on his rounds.

Lost my dog 
Love, Caroline.

There is a dog to look for in all the pictures. Which adds another layer of charm to this book.

Do you see the dog?! Mr. Plimpton is just a nice guy. We like Mr. Plimpton.

I spy, with my little eye....

Next to lamppost, under sign. 

Lost dog home to Caroline.
I remember reading an article about the difference between 1950's neighborhood life and now. There was a stay at home mother in almost every house you walked past on the way to school in the 1950's. Which meant there were a lot of eyes watching you as you went about your life. So things were safer for kids out without their parents back then. And I think people like the milkman, (who soon went out of fashion) were part of that world and that net of safety. They saw things everyday and noticed when things were different.  
Not that I want to go back to the 1950's, thankyouverymuch. Just an interesting thing to ponder. 

Mr. Plimpton brings his milk truck back to the dairy.

...and heads home.  

Last stop, best stop. Cat jumps out. 
"Daddy's home!" comes happy shout.

Excitement at Daddy coming home never goes out of fashion.

Happy Family-ness.

Sun up red!

And just one more brown eyed susan picture!

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