Thursday, June 9, 2016

One Nighttime Sea by Deborah Lee Rose and Steve Jenkins

Have you heard of Steve Jenkins? Last summer I got a book out of the library and loved the illustrations, but when I was thinking about getting it out again to read it this time (hey, I get WAY too many library books out to read every one. I am just a very optimistic borrower. Oh sure I will read a mix of 32 adult and children's books between now and the due date! Really though, I boost the circulation statistics for the library, so I don't think the librarians mind. They say they don't, but they might just be polite...) I couldn't think what book it was. Then I saw another Steve Jenkin's book, The Beetle Book and looking it up on Amazon (I am a sucker for book reviews!) I saw The Animal Book which is the book I had been trying to remember. Then when I saw this book, also by Steve Jenkins, on the shelf at the school library, I had to give it a closer look. 

Phew. That was a complicated intro. Did you follow all that? Well you don't really need to. Pretty much, I got this book out of the library because I liked the illustrator. 

That was a much shorter introduction. (But it lacks interest.) 

Steve Jenkins uses cut paper to make his illustrations. I am not generally a fan of cut paper illustrations, but I didn't even notice that it was cut paper until looking at the close ups of pictures I took this afternoon. 

I love belugas! 

This book combines counting up to 10 and back down again,with facts about the sea during the night. 

Otters. So precious. Did you know they sleep holding hands? Could they be any more adorable?


Sea lions. I am prejudiced against sea lions. They are weird and mean. This prejudice is not based in rational reasons, I just don't approve of them. 

They smooshed a turtle in the binding. How dare they? I like it when books turn sideways for a page or two. So interesting! 

But then I thought my intro was interesting, so I am not sure  you should rely on my opinion of interesting. 

Isn't this page fabulous? Why hello, nimble basket stars!

You can really see the cut paper illustrations in this nudibranch.

Firefly squid and the colors of the sea.

Not everything in the sea is pretty. 

The morning dawns when we get back to one! 

Pretty fun, right? I think I need to check out the other Steve Jenkins books. Poor Deborah Lee Rose. I didn't really mention her. This book is much more about the illustration. But the words complimented the pictures quite adeptly!

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