Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Farmer's Alphabet by Mary Azarian

Before we start this post, I would just like to tell you that I tried to cut down on pictures, but it didn't work. I love Mary Azarian. I bought the address book made out of the pictures in this book. I am not crazy about her people as much, but in all, I love her pictures. Plus, she is a Vermonter, which makes it only neighborly of me to like her. 

The Vermont Board of Education commissioned these prints in 1980. Mary had been a teacher in a one room schoolhouse in Vermont for three years before starting to sell her woodcuts, so she had a thorough understanding of the need for beautiful Alphabet cards. These prints would make Vermont kids directly connect to the alphabet. 

In 1999, Mary won the Caldecott for her Snowflake Bentley book. She has been involved in the world of children's literature for a good long while. 

I think that these are made out of wood also make me love them more. Isn't it amazing that someone could take wood and carve it so carefully and finely to create a stamp-ish thing to make these pictures? It boggles my mind. 

Love this one!

Fat, wooly sheep

I am a sucker for Maple anything.

Isn't this one incredible?

Giggle, giggle.

Another of my favorites!

All farmers know about yawning. 

Isn't this an awesome book? I really want to own a copy. But our library has one, so I am trying to refrain...

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