Thursday, September 8, 2016

This is my Home, This is My School by Jonathan Bean

Have you seen any of Jonathan Bean's books? I did At Night last week. I really like Jonathan Bean's books. Several of them are somewhat based on real facts. This one is about him and his family being home schooled. 

Not something you want to read on the first day of school and your new job. Kind of makes you want to quit your job and home school your kids so they can have fun and grow up to be famous authors. Ha! 

Jonathan Bean also has Building Our House which I am saving for when we are building our house. (I like things on this blog to match life.) I adore Building Our House. It makes me want to build a house. Maybe Jonathan Bean should write a housekeeping book--I might actually want to do it then. 

Anyway, this house is the house from Building Our House.

This we assume is young Jonathan.

His illustrations are fun and messy. Which is pretty much life with kids.

This is our classroom.

And every other place you can think of is a classroom too.

The crabby cafeteria lady. I feel her pain. 


Field trips 

Art class.


When things get rough, the substitute teacher is called in.

The sub does shop class

And outdoorsy things.

Dinner. And show-and-tell.

Astronomy and English Class

C'mon! Doesn't this all make you want to take your kids out of school and just have enriching days with them? I want to teach library from under the covers! 

Ignoring, of course, all the complications that home schooling brings and the fact that my kids are thrilled to be back in school.

And since this is somewhat factual, here are some Bean pictures! 

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