Thursday, September 15, 2016

Stuart Goes To School by Sara Pennybacker & Illus by Martin Matje

This is a sequel to Stuart's Cape which I have never read. I just happened to see this one around the time school started and grabbed it just to see. 

It is a quick read chapter book--it took maybe 25 minutes to read and the kids thought it was silly and goofy. 

The illustrator, Martin Matje is from Montreal. Which means I will probably like him. But this little girl and her ponytails means I will definitely like him. 

Stuart is a worrier. Worrying was his best thing. And when his mom picks out green plaid pants and a shirt with little cowboys all over it for the first day at a new school, Stuart knows he has a lot to worry about. 

After all his worrying about friends, Stuart thinks he sees a solution in show and tell. He can show them all his super cool cape and everyone will want to be his friend. 

Except it doesn't turn out exactly as he plans. And then his ears almost blow up from embarrassment.

At lunch, he pretended to be extremely busy counting his raisins. 
On the bus ride home, he put his lunchbox on the seat beside him and stared out the window so no one would sit with him. 

I remember some days like that.  

Through the magical maneuvering of his cape, Stuart gets a peek into the Teachers Room. 

One teacher stuffed three doughnuts into his mouth all at once, then stuck out his tongue. The others laughed and clapped him on the back. A teacher next to him made a rude noise. The others laughed and clapped her on the back, too.

Those teachers.

Finally Stuart draws his best drawing ever. And of course, that magical cape gets involved. 

After a few days of his magic cape, the kids in his class decide Stuart is a pretty interesting character. 

And friendships are born!

Stuart's worries are gone. 

Stuart and his super cape

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