Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The NOT So Quiet Library by Zachariah OHora

This book is awesome. I have had it hanging out in my Saved For Later section of my Amazon cart for a good while, and then I saw it at the library the other day. I love it! 

This is the story of a little boy, Oskar, and his bear, Theodore, who love to spend time at the library with their father on Saturdays. Pretty solid beginning! And when I opened it up and saw this....

...I knew it was going to be a fabulous book! I think I am a little in love with that hipster dad and his overflowing quantity of library books. 

Saturday was library day. 

Dad always said that a day of quiet exploration required a proper breakfast. 

This guy does library books by the boatload, spends the day at the library, and considers doughnuts to be a proper breakfast... How cool is he?

At the library--
They headed down to the children's department while Dad headed up to the nap department.

While they are enjoying their books, things get noisy. 

It appeared there was a monster in the library.

An angry, hungry monster.

 Oskar and Theodore try all sorts of different hilarious tactics to deal with the monster.

And they finally figure out why this monster is so put out. 

Seriously, this monster sprinkling sprinkles on them before eating them is one of my favorite parts. A sprinkle loving, five headed monster. 

Theodore thinks quickly and averts disaster.  

Just in time for story time. 

Every one enjoys story time. Even monsters. 

Pretty sure most kids wouldn't get this joke, but it cracks me up! 

After they show the monster the finer points of book love, Oskar and Theodore head home. 

With a lot of books.

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