Monday, September 12, 2016

Journey by Aaron Becker

This is a wordless picture book. And somehow, my blog post went up wordless as well. That makes it all the more powerful, doesn't it? Ha!

I have seen this book kicking around for a few years, but for some reason, it didn't really grab my attention. But it is awesome

The pictures start out mostly monochromatic with a single bright color

Without words, you feel the loneliness of a little girl whose family is to busy for her.

So like children through the ages, she flops on her bed and contemplates the unfairness of life.

And while she is sitting there in her room, she finds a red crayon. And with it, makes a door into another world. 

There are so many kids books to reference here. Harold and the Purple Crayon, Where the Wild Things Are, The Chronicles of Narnia...

The door into another world is a tried and true. 

Magic!! Once she enters the other world, there is color! 

This part of the book is a little less clear. Is there some allegory here? Or is it just representing authority?

Apparently red is okay...

But purple isn't.

Trapping creativity. But here comes the red crayon!

Good always triumphs.

And is rewarded!

A magic carpet ride... 

Isn't this book gorgeous?

And then the purple bird shows her the purple door.

Which leads back to her very own street. And to a boy she had missed before when she was too self-involved to notice him and his purple crayon.

The coloring duo--the world is their oyster!

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