Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Dragon was Terrible by Kelly DiPucchio & Illus by Greg Pizzoli

This is a fun book about a badly behaved dragon. Gilbert and Elsie love it, as well as the pre-K class that I read it to. Little kids love main characters who are rotten. Especially when they are as charmingly rotten as this dragon.
At the end, the terrible dragon is tamed with a good book. Which just goes to show that all little monsters will respond well to a good book.

This dragon here? Super terrible!

My favorite part of this book is the listing of the dragons bad behavior. He stomped on flowers, played tricks on the guards (pulling down their pants to show their underpants, which is hilarious) and spitting on cupcakes.

He drew in books, threw sand, and stole candy from baby unicorns.
Honestly, that's terrible.

The king issued a proclamation.
It shall be a nice gift. Ye shall like it.

The knights all failed.

More atrocities--chasing ducklings, TPing castle, burning all the royal marshmallows!

The villagers modified the proclamation just a touch.

He was evern worse.

So this intrepid fellow sat down and wrote a story.

He lured the dragon to a tree with a trail of marshmallows. Then started reading the story aloud to him.

The dragon tried to pretend he didn't care.

But.... we know a good book will grab anyone.


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    1. I don't really know Kelly DiPucchio. It looks like I have some major catching up to do! I love discovering a new fun author. :-)