Friday, October 28, 2016

Little Fox Lost by Frances Frost & Illus by Anna Marie Magagna

Little Fox Lost

"It is dark in the world," wept the little fox,
"And I don't know where I am!
There are three big sheep in that uphill field
And a great big black-faced ram!"
"It is dark in the wood," said the little fox,
"And I've lost the starmoss way!
The trees are tall and my fur is wet--
What will my mother say?"
"My fur is wet with the starlit dew,
A cobweb tickles my nose,
And my heart is a grasshopper wild in my chest--
Where am I, do you suppose?
"It is dark in the word!" sobbed the little fox.
"This path must be wrong! Here's another--"
"You're safe at my side! You're right at the door!
Big Foxes don't cry!" said his mother.

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