Monday, October 31, 2016

The Halloween Performance by Felicia Bond

This tiny little book by Felicia Bond is delightful! I adore tiny books. And I also love Felicia Bond's illustrations. 

This is a sweet tale of a Halloween play put on by Roger's school. And of course, about Roger's important part of that play. 

A building all lit up in the evening dark is so very festive.

Fall winds, the leaves almost all off the tree--so perfectly Halloween.

Roger's class is practicing their play so they will be perfect.

Invitations were sent all over town. I love the illustrations of the various houses around town. 

On the big night, Roger waited patiently backstage for his small, but important part.

Ghosties and witches

The audience, adoring their offspring. 

Roger counts down. Three more lines until he is on. Two more lines....

And he steps onto the stage. 

Roger was the Halloween pumpkin! 

The applause was wild and the actors bowed. 

At home, Roger's dad took a picture to remember the night. 

But Roger didn't need a picture to remember.

Our Hero, Roger

Wasn't this a sweet little book? It captures the perfection of a well delivered elementary play or performance and the basking glow of the participants.

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