Monday, October 24, 2016

Winter Pony by Krista Ruepp & Illus by Ulrike Heyne

This book is completely gorgeous. The story itself isn't the most stirring or striking. But it is set in Iceland and has a girl/horse friendship. How could it be terrible?

Horses, thundering over Iceland's tundra...

Anna has raised Prince from a colt, so they are extremely close.

But this spring, Anna's father tells her Prince is grown up now and needs to go up into the mountains with the other horses where they spend the summers.

Anna is sure Prince needs her. But her father says Prince must go.


Things get tense with the Stallion.

Anna worries about Prince out there by himself. Her grandmother comforts her. I know I keep blathering about the pictures, but aren't they beautiful?

Things do not go smoothly for Prince. It is all the Stallion's fault. But he does survive.

And when Anna goes back to fetch him as winter returns, Prince is there ready to love her some more.

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