Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Bear and the Piano by David Litchfield

I had seen this on several new books list, so had to see what it was about. It is a charming little book, but not an amazing kind of book.

Love these endpapers!

One day, a young bear discovers a strange thing in the woods. Despite the weirdness of the thing, he keeps coming back. For years. I love how  you can see the bear growing through the seasons!

The bear playing piano with wild abandon. His paws sort of look similar to how my hand feel on a piano. Not sure how he became expert. Thank goodness for claws, I guess!

Playing for his woodland fan club.
One day, a little girl and her father stumble upon this concert. They convince the bear that the best place to be is in the city. Where there is music so fine, it makes your fur stand on end!

Off bear goes to see the world. And to be adored!

Wowing the music world! Pretty awesome picture!

Despite his great success, Bear was a little lonely at times. So he would climb to the top of the buildings and watch the stars.

Until one night, he realized he didn't have to keep being lonely.

So off he went. Back to his old stomping grounds.

Where he found his friends were not angry at him for leaving, but proud of him for his accomplishments.
We can all love this piano, adorned with album covers and news clippings.
This is a fun book about friendship and supporting those friends as they follow their dreams.

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