Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Princess Who Had No Kingdom by Ursula Jones & Illus by Sarah Gibb

This was at the library and it looked beautiful, so I got it. It is beautiful. And charming.

Once upon a time, there was a princess with no kingdom. She traveled around in her pony cart with her horse, Pretty, looking for her kingdom.

Since she was going here, there, and everywhere looking, she does a few errands for people. Like delivering puppies and cranky grannies where they should be.
That is a cranky granny on the back of her cart. Isn't that marvelous?

This silhouette art is fabulous.
She visits the palaces, but...

They gave her tea in the second-best tea set and second-best cookies to eat because this is what you get if you are a princess who has no kingdom. 
But the jester told her his very best joke, and the princess laughed and laughed--though the dowager duchess didn't get it. 

In hopes of finding her kingdom, the princess goes to the royal ball.

 I love her pony cart in line with grand and delicate coaches.

Because it is a fairy tale, the new king falls in love with her and wants to share his kingdom with her. But then all the princes and kings there start competing for her. Because it is a fairy tale. There really wasn't any other option for fairy tale girls. Everyone wanted to marry them.

Things escalate.
The two princes were so enraged they pelted the new king with pastries. 
The king wasted no time in bombarding them both with crumbly cakes, and soon everyone there was at it, which seemed like a terrible waste of food to the princess.

The smartest princes in all fairy tale land tells her horse Pretty,

 "Time to leave. These royals are only good for a bun-fight."

On the way, she meets someone stuck in a ditch, so she stops to help. Just to be neighborly.

And this poor man falls in love with her. And since he is just her cup of tea and she is in a fairy tale, she wastes no time beating around the bush and proposes marriage.

They discuss the possibilities and logistics.


"You are the queen of my heart, so here," he said, tapping his heart, "is your kingdom."

Her kingdom. At last.

I find this book charmingly romantic. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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