Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Float by Daniel Miyares

This is a wordless book about a boy sailing a newspaper boat  his father made for him on a rainy day. 

The endpapers tell you how to make the boat. Not sure if I could make a boat with these pictorial instructions, but someone with a slight engineer bent to their mind probably could. 

Sweet father-son togetherness.

The pictures are fairly monochromatic with pops of yellow, and I love them. 

Protecting his boat from the rain.

Finally it stops!

Awhile later is starts back up. Isn't that a downpour of a picture? Quite effective.

Puddle reflections.


But then his boat takes off. 

Down the sewer drain! 

By the time it comes out the drain pipe, it is ruined. 

Oh the sadness of his ruined boat!

But Daddies make the world all right again!

Hot cocoa and some more newspaper. 

But this time, since the sun is out, they try a paper airplane. 

This is such a great book--following a little boy exploring his world, supported by his father, and print journalism. 

Newspapers are important! 


  1. Isn't it lovely? I love the father/son relationship in here!