Monday, November 7, 2016

Around America to Win the Vote by Mara Rockliff & Illus by Hadley Hooper

Women's voting rights, a yellow car, a cross country roadtrip, and a cat. 

What's not to love?

This is based on a true story. Which is awesome.  

April 6, 1916, Nell Richardson and Alice Burke set out from New York City to drive around the country drumming up support for Women's Right to Vote. 

They bring a typewriter and a sewing machine with them. The type writer is in case anyone says women don't have the brains to run the country. Nell will sit down and whip out a poem on the typewriter to show that women do have brains. If someone says women should leave the running of the country to men and stick to housekeeping, Alice would whip up an apron while Nell gave a speech. 

And if they could drive all the way across the country by themselves, it would prove women could do anything. 

Philiadelphia. I love the colors. 

A blizzard on the way to Baltimore.

Muddy roads and getting stuck. 

But then, there were fields of birds and goldenrod in North Carolina. 

Okay, I love that they are supporting the idea that yellow is the color of the women's rights cause, but really? Goldenrod does not bloom in April or May. 

School kids loved them.

An all yellow luncheon in South Carolina.

A parade in Georgia

A fancy hotel in New Orleans

Dodging bullets by the Rio Grande.

Finally, they reach California. But they are only half way there. 

September 30th, they arrive back in New York City. 

To a lovely yellow cake. 

Four years later, women get the vote. 

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