Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Grace for President by Kelly S. DiPucchio & Illus by LeUyen Pham

(These pictures are not spectacular.)

This is a fun book that really illustrates the voting process in the United States rather well. 

The illustrations are a fun mix of realistic and slightly cartoonish. 

One morning in September, Mrs. Barrington unrolls a large poster of the presidents. Grace studies it and then asks 
"Where are the girls?"

Grace is appalled to find there has never been a girl president. So she decides to be president. Mrs. Barrington approves of this and suggests Grace might like to run for class president. No one else wants to run against her, so Grace is pretty sure she is a shoe in. 

Except... comes Thomas Cobb, from the other second grade room. And Thomas is good at everything. 

Grace starts to get a little worried. 

The teachers have each student draw a state name from the hat. Each student then has a certain number of votes for president. 

I love that the electoral college is included, but I don't think there is quite enough depth to this topic. Why does California get twice as much as almost everyone else? 

Campaigns begin. Promises are made. 

Fish stick tacos are a big ticket item on both platforms, for and against. 

Cupcakes, speeches, and rallies were held and given. 

I feel like anyone who gave me a cupcake would have my vote. 

Thomas figured out that boys have slightly more electoral votes, so he doesn't worry about winning. It is in the bag. 

The big day arrives! 
States come up in alphabetical order to cast their votes. 

The scores are tied. It all comes down to how little old Wyoming casts his vote.

Guess who he votes for!

And now, on career day, when Grace announces she is going to be president, no one laughs. 

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