Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thankful by Eileen Spinelli & illus by Archie Preston

This is such a marvelously joyous book! The illustrations are similar to Quentin Blake's illustrations, which are somehow intrinsically linked to happy childhood memories. 

So I was prejudiced in this book's favor from the beginning. 

But really, it is happy and joyful! 

This book looks at all the things to be thankful for with a normal family life. The kids pretend to be various things--here, they are a waitress and reporter.

The waitress is thankful for comfortable shoes

The young reporter, for interesting news.

This books just makes me happy.

Parents reading to children makes my heart melt a little. 

The artist is thankful for color and light. 

The dancer is thankful she loves the beat
That stirs her heart
and hips and feet. 

The queen is thankful for afternoon tea--

I love the father's eyeroll as he carries out said afternoon tea. 

The birder is thankful to find a new bird.

The pastor is thankful for God's loving word.

It is really rare for a book to mention God in a passing way. Generally if a book is going to mention God, it goes all out and is so religious that you can hardly bear it. But this is all the mention we have of God in this book. Which is appropriate in a book about thankfulness, I feel. 

The crafter is thankful for glitter and glue. 

And me? I'm ever so thankful.... 

For you! 

 I took these pictures this past summer, at my sister's house. She happened to have this book out of the library, so I decided to take pictures then and there and save them. I feel amazingly organized that I remembered that I had them all this time later. 

Anyway, I was really in love with the leaf shadow on this one. 

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