Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Little One by Jo Weaver

This is a gorgeous book with delicate charcoal illustrations and the tenderest little story of a Mama bear teaching her baby all about life as they live a bear year. 

Aren't these illustrations just magical?

In spring, Mama bear and her cub come blinking out of their den.

"There's so much to discover in your new world, Little One," said Big Bear


Big Bear showed Little Bear how to be gentle with friends.

Oh the sweetness!!

Teaching your child how to enjoy the long summer days seems like a vital life lesson. #Lifegoals.

Just in case you didn't notice how cute little bear was in the last picture.


Oh. My. Word. So awesome!

Little One played in the blustery wind.

But Big Bear felt restless.

I love the geese v's. I just do. 

Snow falling

For a moment, they stopped to look back at their land, now covered in snow.

And then pushed through the snow... their den that smelled like home.

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