Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Cranberry Thanksgiving by Wende and Harry Devlin

This is a book sale book that I finally got around to reading a few years after I bought it. It was a pleasant surprise! 

This is a story of Thanksgiving kindness, recipes, and unfounded prejudice against old sea captains. 

Setting: Maggie and her grandmother lived at the edge of a lonely cranberry bog in New England and the winds were cold at the edge of the sea. 

I am in love with this book already. 

I am also in love with frosty cranberries. Aren't they so perfectly red and frosty? 

Our cast of characters.


The house by the sea and a cranberry bog. 

Every Thanksgiving, Grandmother invited a guest to Thanksgiving, someone poor or alone, and allowed Maggie to do the same. Maggie decides to invite Mr. Whiskers.

Grandma doesn't approve of Mr. Whiskers--
Too many whiskers and not enough soap!

Grandma has a secret. Her cranberry bread recipe is famous, with bakers clamoring for the recipe. Grandma is convinced that Mr. Whiskers is out to get her recipe, so she maintains strict secrecy whenever she bakes it. 

The mystique!

Grandmother invites Mr. Horace, with lovely manners and a gold topped cane who was travelling through town and was on his own. He contrasts to his advantage beside Mr. Whiskers.

Mr. Whiskers does not fully appreciate Mr. Horace. 

Mr. Whiskers also shook his ears when Grandmother sang, not winning him any points in Grandmother's estimation.

The Devlin's were commercial artists before starting children's books. And you can see that at times. That turkey looks real. 

And while they are cleaning up in the kitchen, Maggie sees Grandmother's recipe being stolen!

A great chase ensues.

Mr. Whisker's emerges victorious. Wicked Mr. Horace!!

Even if someone is lavender scented, you can't trust men with gold topped canes. 

Grandma relents on the anti-Mr. Whiskers front. Cozy fireside tableau results. 

I love Mr. Whiskers. 

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