Monday, November 28, 2016

Leave Me Alone! by Vera Brosgol

I adore this book! It is marvelous. I have it hanging out in my Amazon cart, but my sister brought it up (along with a large stack of other new kids books. She understands me!) for Thanksgiving, so I read lots of awesome books! This one involves a large, boisterous family, winter woolies, knitting, and a cranky little old lady. 

I wasn't sure I was going to like this book that much. I mean, it is all cozy and rural and then she is on the moon? What?! But it works! 


(And I would like to apologize for my pictures. My camera was not automatically focusing, so they are not all of the best quality.)

Isn't she a cute old granny?

I love her big family!

But, there was a problem. Winter woolens needed to be created.... 

....and her grandkids were too curious about her knitting. 

Aren't these kids just the cutest? 

Just so you can see this one up close... 

Look at her face. I find this picture particularly delightful!

The old woman was at the end of her rope.

She drank from her samovar, swept things ups, and packed her bags.

(I love that she swept before she left.)

She had had it. 

(These colors!!!)

She settled into the woods, but... bears. 

The bear family was very curious about the light from her fire... and about what she might taste like. 

This little old woman was not tolerating curiosity of that nature.

The mountain was no better. Those goats.

So she kept walking, and reached the moon. Which is a quiet, lonely place to knit!

But no. Little green moon-men. 

So she picked up her sack and left through a wormhole. 

(A wormhole!)

Finally there was peace and quiet. She whipped up 30 sweaters in no time. 

And then got lonely. 

So she drank coffee from her samovar (which was of course, in her sack), swept the void to a nice matte black, and left. 

Everything was just as she left it. 

(I am in love with the interiors here!)

Everyone, including the little old woman, was delighted at her return!

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