Thursday, November 17, 2016

Yo! Yes! by Chris Raschka

This is one of Gilbert's favorite books. It delights him. With good reason. 

A lonely little boy meets a friendly sort of boy in his seemingly new neighborhood. Friendship ensues.  

Are you talking to me?

The writing in this book is minimal, but that is part of the reason Gilbert loves it. He can read it. 

He can't really believe he is talking to him. 

I think it is charming how my slightly dampened and then dried book looks in the evening sunshine. 

Oh the shame of having to admit to no friends. 

This boy has no tolerance for people with no friends. He is going to fix things up pronto. 

Isn't he perfectly adorable? As well as the friendliest guy around. 




We are all better off with friends. 

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