Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Poppy's Babies by Jill Barklem

I am on vacation this week. And while I planned on being wildly accomplished this week (Take that college final projects!) I have so far accomplished nothing. I seriously mean nothing. I have meandered through the past three days, taking long walks, refreshing myself afterward with naps and a book a day. 


But why? When school is in session, I am quite adept at getting every drop of time from the day used to the max. I have dreamed of this vacation--all I would get done when I had time to focus! And... nope. I think it is the busyness paradox--the busier you are, the more you get done. So weird.

Anyway, in all my not doing, I also haven't been doing anything with the blog. Not a single Easter book. Sad. 

I had some cute books! But they will keep until later. 

For now, Poppy's Babies! 

By now you probably know of my love affair with Jill Barklem's books. So cozy! So sweet! So detailed! Poppy's Babies was the last book of the set I needed to buy. So I bought it.

And do you see how perfectly adorable that bunny is? Last May I went to visit my sister in Fargo. Since my aunt and uncle were at home that week, we went to supper at their house. Twice. Because they are nice. The second night, I saw this bunny dish. I thought it was perfectly adorable, so I  gushed about it's cuteness to my aunt. "I thought you might like it!" she said. "I put it out here because it seemed like something you would use in your blog pictures. I decided if you said anything about it, I was going to give it to you. So here it is." Just like that, I was the possessor of a green bunny dish. 

I love it! But I also love that my aunt knows me so well. And supports my blog. 

Spring and flowers. Oh joy!

Last time we saw Poppy and Dusty in Summer Story they had just been married in the cutest wedding possible. They now are the proud parents of triplets living above Dusty's mill. 

Life is difficult with triplets and living in a 92 step walk up.

Neighbors pop in to see the cute babies

This page is why you should own these books! I love cross sections of houses. And an apple tree in bloom! Imagine apple blossoms as your roof!

In Brambly Hedge, they just happen to come across a dear little cottage that is used for storing random things. So they do it up for a surprise for Poppy. 

The first time I read this, when I was a teen, I thought how perfectly delightful to live in a place where a perfectly suitable house or two is quickly found. For free of course. 

I still am looking for that place.

Oh apple blossoms, handsewing, babies, poofy skirts. The happiness!

Back at Poppy and Dusty's house, things are crowded, covered in flour dust from the mill and a little stressed.

Jill Barklem does food pictures up proper. I just want to dive in there!

In order to keep the surpise, they send Poppy to stay with the Old Oak Palace so they could move all the Miller's belongings to their new home. 

I think part of the delight of this book is the sheer marvelousness of the surprise! Not having to move things! Having a perfect house provided without having to search for it and discuss unpleasant things like damp basements, mortgages, and commutes! 

Of course, if my husband pulled a trick like this I would be disconcerted because I WANT TO CHOOSE OUR HOUSE TOO. But still. If I was a mouse with triplets, I am sure I would be delighted by the entire thing. 

Nighttime at the palace

The babies christening is presided over by the old Vole. 

And then! The unveiling! The perfectness of the nursery! The convenient rainbow! 

Daisy chains on the ceiling! Friends by the boatload! Charming food! 

And best of all, three sleeping triplets!

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