Monday, April 3, 2017

The Quiet Book by Deborah Underwood & Illus by Renata Liwska

This is such a snuggly book. This is another book my sister Clover introduced me to. I am not sure why this one doesn't have a jacket, but that little sleeping bunny is cute enough for me. 

Last week was INSANE. Or at least moderately busy. Justin was working away from home, so I was a single mother. (Hats off to single parents who don't have a tag team coming back in four days!) I had four college projects due, two of them big ones. The first ever grant I wrote was due on Friday. AND my house desperately needed attention. 

This week? I am hoping for some quiet. We have delightful company lined up and I have a few college courses already taken care of for the week. So woohoo! 

And as this book shows you, there are a lot of different kinds of quiet. 

First one awake quiet is one of my absolute favorites. 

Jelly side down quiet
Don't scare the robin quiet

One bad, one good. But both quiet.

Thinking of a good reason you were drawing on the wall quiet. 

That might take some thinking. 

Which just proves how out of touch I am with childhood. Tomie dePaola would totally sympathize with this moose. 

Unless one of them has a lollipop and the other one doesn't.

This makes me laugh. A lot. 

My heart squeezes every time with the delight of this kind of quiet.

First snowfall quiet
Car ride at night quiet

Both of these are really strong memories of my childhood. Standing outside, looking up, totally focused on snowflakes falling down with dizzying constancy. 

And riding home at night, all tired from barn chores, school, and life and the jarring sensation of entering the bumpy driveway of home. Whaaaaat? I don't wannna. 

Tucking in Teddy quiet. 

I just love this little book so much! 

Quietness is so underrated. 

Take time to be quiet today, my friends!

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