Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Animal Book by Steve Jenkins

There are way too many pictures in this post. For real. But this is a long book and it is full of all kinds of delightful animal pictures! So it was hard to limit myself.

Steve Jenkins art is done using cut paper, which makes it all the more impressive! Actually I would still be impressed if he drew these, since I can't do either. But cut paper requires a lot of patience. All those itty bits!

Aren't the colors vibrant? 

This is a pretty big book and there are a lot of full page illustrations, so those animals are BIG. 

Isn't this a friendly looking bear? 

Beetles in all their beauty. 

Jenkins talks about different aspects of animal life on each two page spread. 

There is a lot of science and biology here, which delights my nerdy self! 

Do you see those eyelashes?!

Daddies and their babies!

Babies in general

Gestation periods--elephants always win. 

Animals fighting techniques

How cool is this here grasshopper? It is giant.

Animal superpowers

Food web

I love food webs! Such intricacy! 

These here animals acquire poison from the things they eat. And that blue frog can kill 20 people. So steer clear of blue frogs. 

Large, ugly animals that we don't hang out with anymore.

Tiger, Tiger burning bright...

Teeny things, life size

Who lives the longest?


As if that wasn't enough information for you, you can turn to the back and Jenkins will tell you a bit more about the animals on every page. 

The things that can harm animals and how to avoid them harming animals.

And then a visual bibliogrpahy (mixed with biography) of Steve Jenkins. 

This is such an amazing book! If you like animals and facts, this book will delight you no end! 

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