Monday, April 10, 2017

The Little Book by Eloise Wilkin

I wanted this book for a long while, but it is a little hard to find. I discovered it at our local book warehouse--all books for $1. 95% of the books are self help books from the 1990's, but there are a few good ones mixed in. 

This is a Little Golden Book I had to see after seeing an illustration in Everything I needed to Know I Learned from a Little Golden Book. I love that book. Well mostly, I love the illustrations, but it is a good book. I really thought I have written about that book but apparently I haven't. Keep tuned, folks!

Eloise Wilkin is just such a... well she just IS Little Golden Books to me. 

And this book is all about little things. 

I adore little things. So I am pre-disposed to love this book!

I love this kid sitting there waiting for something, ANYthing to happen.

No one draws 1960's kids better than Eloise Wilkin. Feel free to prove me wrong. Because anyone who does it better is really worth seeing! 

Raincoats and hats. Those dogs!

Wilkins was keen on nature and kids. I am particularly keen on that combination myself. 

This picture is what elevated this book to a must see! I can totally picture all of the little two or three year old girls I have known in my life absolutely loving the privilige of eating a cookie in a 55 gallon drum. Because who wouldn't? 

Me. But never mind that. 
(Because what if someone came and pushed it and I had to roll over and over and..... I would be seasick-ish. And out of control. I really hate both of those things.)

Did I ever mention I am a fuddy dud?

Hollyhocks! Cute sun suits! Chubby hands waving Adieu! Shaggy, adoring puppies! 


So much cuteness!

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