Monday, April 24, 2017

Under Earth by Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinska

I wanted to do this post before Earth Day, but I am still having trouble with adding pictures to my posts, so it didn't happen. 

This is such a cool book!! My biology loving self just geeked out over the whole thing. So much to look at and details to pore over on every page. 

This book takes you below the surface of the earth to discover all the intricacies of the earth. THEN you flip the book over and do the same thing, only with the water/oceans.They meet in the middle, at the core. 

Such an awesome book!

I love these hand drawn biology illustrations. Not sure why, but I just really do. 

Who hasn't wanted to visit an ant colony?

Burrowing creatures. What is so cozy and cute about burrowing creatures? (I was totally writing it as borrowing creatures. Spelling--not my strong suit!)

Garden plants! Which for the record, I would place before burrowing creatures. But maybe I took the picture out of order. Because I do that sometimes. And I would look at the book, but I don't have it right here, so that would require a lot of work. 

The day before going back to work after a week off is not that time to start making a lot of work for yourself. Or at least that is what I keep telling myself!

They even include underground utilities! 


Archaeology digs!


Things we get from mining.

And.... the core!

So now you flip it over and start again! 

This time in water. 

We discuss bouyancy

Saltwater fish

A brief history of diving suits.

History and biology together--I knew there was a use for my double major somewhere! I just didn't know it would be only one page of one book.... Ha!

Oil platforms

And there are two more pictures I wanted to put in this post, but it IS SO COMPLICATED. So just go buy the book if you want to see the pictures. You will not be disappointed! I love this book. A lot. 

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