Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Library by Sarah Stewart & David Small

(Yes, that is the same pink hydrangea. I like it, okay?)

This book is lovely! And it is written by a husband and wife team. I always love thinking about husband and wives working together. Not sure why, I just like thinking about it. 

These are pictures to warm the cockles of a book-lover's heart. 

How perfectly springy (or fally) is this picture?

Elizabeth Brown--

She didn't like to play with dolls,
She didn't like to skate.
She learned to read quite early
And at an incredible rate.

This book is all rhyming and rhythmic. (And for some reason I always have trouble spelling those two words.) It is a fun book to read!


Midnight raids for her friend's library books. 

Elizabeth Brown is rather relentless in her pursuit of books. 

Elizabeth Brown 
Preferred a book
To going on a date. 

While friends went out
And danced till dawn
She stayed up reading late. 

She gets lost one day, so buys a house where she is. 

 I love this picture! All things cozy....

When volumes climbed the parlor walls
And blocked the big front door, 
She had to face the awful face
She could not have one more. 

So she did what any bibliophile would do--she donated the books and her house to the town for a library. 

And settled down to living with her cats, her friend, and more books. 

A life well spent amongst books! 

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