Monday, January 8, 2018

Fort Building Time by Megan Wagner Lloyd & Illus by Abigail Halpin

This book is outrageously cute!! 

It is also another my-sister-brought-this-book-to-me book. She really has the most lovely taste. 

My kids are fort builders. Last week, when we were in the midst of that horrendous cold, we had a cold snowday. Really, it was only negative 10F or so, which is nothing much for up  in the frozen north, but the windchill was hovering close to negative 40F, so all the local schools closed. 

By nine o'clock in the morning, I had three different blanket forts going in my living room. 

Seriously, these pictures! The colors! The cuteness! 

They decorated their snow fort with evergreen!!

There is a mention of daffodils and pussywillows on the same page as colorful umbrellas. Swoon!

I think everyone needs bright umbrellas. Just to cheer each other up when it is wet and gloomy out. 



I want to be these kids. There is really not enough sword play in my life. 

That is a joke!  But seriously, I want to do more wood exploring. Maybe that should be a New Year's Resolutions. And yes, I make New Year's resolutions all January long. Sometimes into February and March. 

Isn't the bark texture interesting? It looks like a sweater knit actually. 

And a layered cake on a canoe ride--!! These kids have style. 

Sometimes forts fall. Like when annoying younger siblings come poking around. 

But still, even in the mess, there is fun to be had. 

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