Monday, January 29, 2018

Singing Away the Dark by Caroline Woodward & Julie Morstad

This book? I adore it. My reasonings:

1. Julie Morstad--she could illustrate practically anything and I would love it
2. Peace River Valley of British Columbia--the author is from here, so theoretically, this little girl is too. My dad drove the Alaskan Highway a lot in the 1970's, so I grew up here phrases like, "When we were passing through the Peace River Valley..." and things like that. Nothing major, just part of the collected, random things of childhood that leave an impression. 
2. b. Canada in general--my mom is a Canadian. So I tend to like Canadian things. 
3. I had to wait and wait and WAIT for this book. I pre-ordered it for May, but for whatever reason, didn't get it until late summer. Deferred pleasure is always sweeter, right?
4. Singing. Singing makes EVERYTHING better. 

The thing about Julie Morstad is that everything she illustrates just looks instantly precious. The book hasn't even BEGUN here and already, I am smitten. Mittens! 

A young momma in a flannel shirt. Yes!

The basic story is of a young girl, having to walk across lots (or farms) to get to the bus stop. 

It was a long way to the bus stop, and in Northern BC, it doesn't get light until later in the day

This picture brought to mind that part of Anne of Green Gables where Anne and Diana let their imagination get away with them, making it practically impossible for them to walk through the woods alone without fearing greatly for their lives. 

But, she has to get through the woods. 

So she sings. Which lightens the darkness.

Once the dark is vanquished, there is a new worry--cattle. But she is not to be daunted. 

This neighbor looks like an interesting person to have a cup of tea with.


And school! 

I seriously, seriously love this story and art!!


  1. What a lovely presentation of our book, Bethaney! I came across your blog while looking for another thing entirely and I'm so glad I did. Made my day. Thank you! Caroline W.

  2. Thanks for the compliment! I adore your book. So thanks for writing such a fabulous book!