Friday, January 5, 2018

January 5 & January 13 by Julie Fogliano & Illus by Julie Morstad

January 5 

i would not mind, at all
to fall
if i could fall
like snowflakes
(more drift and swirl
than tumble thump
more gentle float
than ouch and bump)
the most perfect way of all
to fall
is to fall
 and fall 
like snowflakes.

January 13

other than the cows
everyone has gone
either into or underneath
curled up and covered
but the cows just stand
black and blinking
not noticing that it is cold
and snowing
and everyone has gone. 

                                                                             --from When Green Becomes Tomatoes

Keep warm, my friends! We had a cold snowday today. Our windchill was -38 this morning, so none of the local schools were open.

My brother's and father's cows, amazingly, are not too fazed by this weather. They huddle together, find a windbreak, and ask only to have more food. Cows are amazing. And so enduring. I kind of love cows. 

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