Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Nancy and Plum by Betty MacDonald & Illus by Mary Grandpre

My youngest two kids have a severe Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle addiction. We have listened to all four books about 879 times. Give or take. So I felt they needed to hear another book by the same author. 

This book? Pure delight. 

Two sisters (one shy and quiet-ish, one daring and unruly), boarding school, rich and clueless uncle, domineering/mean/unfair/horrid headmistriss named Mrs. Monday, a kindly gardener, an inspiring teacher AND librarian, a daring escape, and a kind farm couple to take them in. 

What more could you POSSIBLY want? 

Nothing, unless you are greedy. In which case, you may want illustrations by Harry Potter illustrator Mary Grandpre. 

The illustrations are sparing, but delightful.

I read this to my kids on a snowday a few weeks ago and my sister stopped in for tea and knitting. So she cozied right in with us, listening and enjoying it with us. Isn't that a perfect kind of day? 

It starts on Christmas Eve, but follows Nancy and her sister Pamela (nicknamed Plum) throughout an entire year, ending on the following Christmas Eve. So it is a book to be enjoyed any old time of the year. 

Perfect for 8-12 year olds! And grown adults who happen to love this kind of story. 

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