Monday, February 22, 2016

Campanita by Noelia F Benavente

Today, we won't discuss the quality of the writing because this is entirely in... Spanish I believe. My littlest sister spent some time in Argentina last year and she brought me home this vintage primer book. How well she knows me. I adore retro kid stuff. So we will just delight in the pictures. Because I really have no idea what they are going on about in the words. 

Oh how cute!


And I am going to try out page jumps for a little while to see how I like them. It seems like it will make the main page easier to navigate. We shall see. 

Please read on.... 

And mother bears who year sunflower hats,

Mummy hugs never go out of style.

And neither do fat little baby hands, patting Mommy cheeks.

A retro picnic. I love it!

Now looking at those words, it seems like I should be able to puzzle them out. They look easy. Butttt..... I have no idea what Romero is really up to. 

Mula, on the other hand, I understand. 

Families apparently smiled calmly for most of their lives in the 1950's. 

Look at the cute, chubby faces eager to learn.

Barnyard politics.

Adorable! And I would hazard a guess that pollitos is chicken.

Boat races

I tried to puzzle out if this was a spanish rendition of the three little pigs, but I am still in the dark.

Cutting doll hair. 

This might be my favorite picture. Do you see how unbearably smug that sunflower is? 

From smug sunflowers to Army maneuvers in one page turn. You know it is a great book!

And egrets. Or something. 

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  1. Éste fue mi primer libro de lecturas. "Campanita"
    This was my first book of readings.
    A very long time ago...