Thursday, February 18, 2016

My Big Book of the Outdoors by Eloise Wilkin

I just noticed on the front cover that it only says illustrated by Eloise Wilkin. Clearly someone else wrote this. Apparently they don't get a shout out on the front cover though. 

Which is understandable. I don't even really care who wrote this book (probably an editor at Golden Books), because Eloise Wilkin illustrated it and that is enough to make me buy it, read it, and treasure it always. 

I have a bit of an Eloise Wilkin obsession. And I happen to love nature and botany, so I adore this book.  

Look at those cheeks, though! How could I not love her pictures? Sweet, fat little kids, and almost always, a lot of nature. Even in her books that aren't overtly about nature, there are often little bits of nature thrown in. 

The front cover illustration again. Ponytail and overalls (or jumper). Happy-making!

Fat toes and sea things

Desert baby and Kangaroo rat

Amazingly, animals are not shy in Eloise Wilkin's world. Or aggressive. That boy is completely oblivious to the potential threat of a charging bull moose.

The Arctic in summer and winter.

Sweet cheeks and birds. Eloise Wilkin often has little birds with her little kids.

Fat knees and fingers and daisies.

Frog life cycle.



Happy sigh.

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