Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Bunny Book by Richard Scarry

This is another nostalgic sort of book. The illustrations are sweet, the story line simple, and the entire effect is charming. 

Little bunny baby is clearly an adored member of the family and everyone expresses their hopes and dreams for his future. 

A policeman, a clown

Even Great Uncle Bunny weighs in on the question. I love the involvement of this family.

Grandpa and Grandma's thoughts--A lion tamer and a mailman.

Cousin bunny hopes he will own a candy shop.

I love these pictures!  

For some reason, these pictures were the epitome of New England fall when I was a kid. Burning leaves, hunting coats, deep colors, stormy skies...

But baby bunny knows that he won't be any of those things--he plans on being a daddy rabbit. (Somehow, being a daddy excludes all other activities.) 

And he has lovely intentions. Chasing his kids when they want to be chased. Feeding them when they are hungry. 

He plans on being a model daddy. 

I also loved these stacked bunk beds when I was little. Despite the claustrophobic feelings I would probably get if anyone ever tried to put me in one of these.... 

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