Friday, February 26, 2016

The First Robin by Robert Kraus

I have a thing for little books. While I have very little resistance to books in general, I haven't even a shred of will power when it comes to little books. I pretend that I am buying them for the kids, buuuut I am really buying them so I can hold them and see them and admire them. I like little things. Including wee little wooden robins and bunnies. 

I also love daffodils. And I am particularly pleased with this one, since I forced it myself, which makes me feel enormously clever. Imagine! I am capable of producing little bursts of sunshine on my windowsill. Happiness!

These books are from a four book set called The Bunny's Nutshell library. I only have three, without dust jackets, because if they have dust jackets they are ridiculously expensive. We are talking over $100 for all four teensy books in the set, complete with dust jackets. I got these three for $8. With four kids, I am not at the point where it makes sense to get perfect little collectible kids books. (I highly doubt I will ever be in a position where it will seem like a good idea to spend that sort of money on books.)

My favorite of these books in The First Robin. It is a little story, with nothing too fascinating happening. However, it is about spring, and robins, and daffodils, kindly groundhogs, doting mothers, and impulsive offspring. Which makes for a very cozy little story. 

(Daffodils, besides being delightfully yellow, are useful for keeping books open while you use both hands to take pictures.)

The basic storyline is a little kid robin who left his warm winter area early to be the first robin of spring. 

Something about the fat little robin against the blankness of the page, makes me happy. 

In fact, Richard the robin was so early he caught a chill and a cold in the head. Kindly Groundhog takes him in and cozies him up. 

Richard's doctor comes to check him out and does nothing much except bust out a dance move and tell Richard to stay in bed. Gilbert and Elsie think the doctor is hilarious.  

While wee Richard is in bed, kindly groundhog, entertains him with a shadow show of spring things. 

Soon after, Mrs. Robin comes looking for her little Richard. 

Mrs. Robin nurses him through the night. 

In the morning, everyone is asleep except Richard. 

Who goes out to see if spring had come. And it had!

"And he was the first robin!" 

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