Monday, February 15, 2016

Geraldine's Big Snow by Holly Keller


I am at my sister's for a few days, so I am digging into some of her books. 

Geraldine's Big Snow is a short little book, but it is mighty sweet. For whatever reason, since reading this book, I keep thinking of the people Geraldine meets. I think I want to model my life after them.

Geraldine is a cute little pig who is not so patiently waiting for the big snowstorm that is expected. 

I love Geraldine. 
And her mother's hair. Those five strands of permed hair crack me up every time.

Geraldine finally says she is going to go outside to wait, which her mother heartily agrees to. 

Geraldine walks around and meets neighbors getting ready for the big storm. Mrs. Wilson had to buy a lot of apples so her pie making would not be interrupted by the storm. Mr Parker had to hurry to the library to get a lot of good books out.

Mr. Harper had to put out a lot of seed for the hungry birds. 

Uncle Albert had to get his plow on his truck.

After all this waiting and preparing, Geraldine had to go to sleep with still no snow. 

In the night, the snow comes. 

Geraldine hears Uncle Albert's plow before she even opens her eyes and knows the snow has come. I love her little delighted face!

Then we get a peek at all the neighbors and their doings. Mrs. Wilson is busily making pies. Mr. Parker is reading by a cozy fire. Mr. Fox is watching all the birds flocking to his feeder. 

For whatever reason, maybe just the busyness of a new job and being a temporary single mother, I love the idea of such a singular focus in life. Of waking in the morning with one intention. "I am going to bake pies." And then proceeding to make towering piles of pie. Or "I am going to read by the fire today". And actually doing it. 

Meanwhile, Geraldine fulfills her ambitions by going to the big hill in town... sled down. 

There is a lot of accomplishment in this book. 

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  1. this cheers me right up. I have a snow day tomorrow- the Tribe has already announced it. I have about ten things I am singularly focused on, if that is possible. Lovely, peaceful, etc.