Monday, February 8, 2016

The Valentine Bears by Eve Bunting illus by Jan Brett

Although I stand by my previous statement that Jan Brett's writing leaves a little to be desired, her illustrations are superb! This book was written before she decided to take writing into her own hands and therefore, I enjoyed it a lot more. 

Eve Bunting has written a lot of books. Close to 200 I believe. I am not in love with all of her books, which tend to be a little... dry. More informative than entertaining. Still, she has some good ones! 

This particular one is about Mr and Mrs Bear, a happily married couple.

Mrs. Bear, who in the normal course of events sleeps through Valentine's Day, is determined to wake up and celebrate with her husband. 

So she sets her alarm for Valentine's Day. 
I like her alarm clock.

She makes preparations before waking up her husband. 

I love the pictures in neutral colors with pops of red. 

This fur coat cracks me up! Why does she have such an elaborate fur coat when she is supposed to be sleeping all winter? I think she should give it to me. It looks spectacularly warm. 

Mrs. Bear unearths the honey she hid last fall

And puts a lovely collection of bugs into a serving bowl.

Then tries to decide which Valentine to give her husband.

When everything is ready, she goes to wake up her husband. He mumbles about just a few more weeks of sleep and goes back to sleep. 

Mrs. Bear is a determined bear. She goes out to get some ice cold water to wake up Mr. Bear.

Her determined face is marvelous.

Lazy Mr. Bear.

And then, just before she throws the water on him, he jumps up to surprise her. 

She gets a little damp. Which is what comes of people who try to wake up those who would prefer to sleep in. 

Some people might resent being soggy, but not bears apparently. 

They have a delightful Valentine's Day.

Mr. Bear had hid a box of chocolate covered ants for Mrs. Bear, which he hopes she will share. 

And after all the excitement of Valentine's Day, they go back to bed and sleep 'til spring.

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