Thursday, February 11, 2016

One Zillion Valentines by Frank Modell

I remember loving this book when I was a little kid. Reading it as an adult, I am not sure why I loved it so much. However, my kids seem to love it too, so maybe it is just a kid thing. 

I do think it is cute. It is a friendship Valentine book, rather than a romantic Valentine book. 

These two pals discuss Valentine's Day.

All the lovey-dovey stuff. Marvin says he loves Valentine's Day. 

Milton is not a huge fan of Valentine's Day because he never gets any. Marvin tells him he never gets any because he never sends any. Milton, being a typical cash poor child, says he can't send Valentine's because he doesn't have the money to buy them. 

Marvin is optimistic enough to counter any and all of Milton's pessimism. 

Marvin tells him that Valentine's don't have to be bought. They can be made. So both rush home to find Valentine making supplies. 

And they make a lot of Valentine's. 

These were some of my favorite pages as a little kid. I loved all the different kinds of hearts! I wanted to make all those different kinds of hearts. I liked that the hearts weren't Hallmark perfect. Some were wobbly and some were misshapen in parts, just like normal kid hearts. 

After all the hard artwork was done, Milton and Marvin slide a Valentine under every door on their street. 

I also loved these pages, of everyone being happy to see their Valentine heart. 

After all the Valentine's are delivered, they realized they made too many. So they sell the rest. This is, of course, an entrepreneurial kid's delight. Look at all the people, coming in droves. 

After all that selling, Milton realizes that even though they sent out loads of Valentine's, he himself is still Valentine less. So Marvin takes their hard earned cash and buys them a box of chocolate's to share together. 

Which they do to evident delight. 

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