Monday, February 29, 2016

My World by Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd

This book is the lesser known younger sibling of Goodnight Moon. A few years ago, I saw this mini library of three books in TJ Maxx. It was a must buy. I had read Goodnight Moon (who hasn't?) and Runaway Bunny, but not My World. It is very sweet. particularly in a mini version.  

I love little book sets in a little box. 

This is the first page. Kids are really amazed at seeing the cover of the book they are reading inside the book. 

Like Goodnight Moon, and many other books of the time, My World alternates between a colored spread and a black and white spread. 

Throughout the book, the little bunny compares his little things to his parents bigger version. 

Love this kitchen, with the odd pop out table. 

This picture in the little book was the reason I had to buy the bigger version. I love this little bunny working with his Daddy on car things. 

The colors are great. All those clear cut, straight forward colors.

Mother reading in a rocking chair as the sunsets... Life is good!

Oh, the simplicity of a child's world!

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