Monday, March 14, 2016

A is for Annabelle by Tasha Tudor

I love, love, love Tasha Tudor. Her pencil drawings are oh so delicate and the colored ones are in such quiet, soft pastels that you are slightly afraid to interrupt the exquisite little world contained in the page. Okay, that is a teensy bit poetical, but I love her pictures. For me, they are the picture equivalent of the crack of dawn on a mid spring morning. Fresh and hopeful and fragile, while somehow managing to be completely down to earth. 

  This alphabet book has a flower garland for every page. Have I mentioned that I love flowers? If any illustrator lavishly indulges in flowers, I am pretty much instantly smitten. 

This is a marvelously sweet alphabet book. 

And how can you not love Aunt Middle Mary? 

The book is based around Annabelle, Grandmother's doll. Each letter following is about a part of Annabelle's extensive wardrobe. 

Dresses. And pansy garlands. 


That is a garland of geraniums. Oh swoon!

Muff for M

The pictures are delicate, aren't they?

Tippet! How can I not love a book with a tippet for T? (I actually had to google what a tippet was.)

Whenever I pick up an alphabet book, I almost always flip to X to see what they used. Since x is the most difficult letter, I figure it shows their mettle. If they use some outlandish, no-one-has-ever-heard-of-it word, they seem pretentious. It they use xray or xylophone, they are traditionalists and must therefore rely on spectacular illustrations to see them through the difficulty of X. Tasha Tudor is quite straightforward with the whole deal, which is rather refreshing. 

How sweet is a little girl mending her doll clothes? 

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