Tuesday, May 10, 2016

D.W., Go to Your Room! by Marc Brown

This book, about sisters, is pretty funny I heard this read to the kids a couple times by Daddy and visiting friends and I loved it. It is pretty true to the life I remember as a kid. 

D.W. is playing with blocks when her baby sister Kate happily comes over to play. 

Except D.W. does not want to play with Kate. She wants to play by herself. She doesn't want Kate touching the blocks. She wants Kate far away from her. 

For these perfectly understandable sentiments, D.W. is sent to her room. 

D.W. indulges in a little Dramatic Over Reaction. There are comparisons to prisoners and suppositions of starvation. 

"Dinner's in ten minutes," said Mother.

Trust a mother to take all the wind out of your temper-tantrum sails.

D.W. tries another tactic. Her clock is broken! It isn't even moving! Father is similarly not moving.

Back to her room she goes.  

D.W. mournfully goes back to her room for some wallowing in self pity. 

I'm just a little servant girl for Mom, Dad, and Arthur. All I do is work, work, work.

Wallowing in self pity is such a delightful pastime for misunderstood children.

Once self pity played itself out, she tried some blame shifting

And it's all Kate's fault!

(By the way, note D.W.'s collection of troll dolls. Do you remember when they were a thing? They struck just as I was in fourth grade. We had a Bring Your Troll To School day.) 

Punishing the punishers is good fun for self righteous indignation. 

Finally, she had no recourse but to run away.

I really love pouty little D.W. I wouldn't want to be her parent, but she cracks me up. 

Kate very disobligingly is perfectly pleased to be with D.W. She even goes so far as to offer D.W. her pacifier. 

And finally, D.W. little snit crumbles away to nothingness.

I must be the meanest sister in the whole world, thought D.W.

And just like that, D.W. loves Kate again and wants to play with her.

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