Thursday, May 26, 2016

Water is Water by Miranda Paul, illus by Jason Chin

This is a great book about the water cycle and seasons! I love the illustrations. Jason Chin is from Burlington, VT, which is sort of our backyard. (If our backyard stretched a few hours to the east.) Being from around "here" the pictures are all very familiar looking. Which is always nice!

It wasn't very easy to photograph a book against the backdrop of a creek. Well not if  you are concerned about getting the book wet that is. 

Cute kids, northern ecosystem, farmhouse, tire swing, and gardening parents. Pretty much my ideal life summed up right there.

Summer rain. 
For some reason, I really want a summer rainstorm. But specifically, I want to watch a summer rainstorm from a lovely big porch with no to do list running through my head. I am picky like that.

Water is water unless......

it heats up. Whirl. Swirl. Watch it curl by. Steam is steam unless....

it cools high. 

Clouds are clouds unless they form low. 

It even involves the seasons.



Ice and snow and snowballs.

And then spring comes back.

And brings the mud with it.

Mud is mud unless there are roots.

Apples are apples unless they get pressed. 

Cider is cider until we drink it up! 

Isn't this a marvelously simplistic look at the water cycle, gases, solids, liquids, and the seasons? I feel like the sparseness of the words makes each word used more effective. 

At the end of the book, it has facts about water and a glossary of sorts. Great science book for young school age kids!

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